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Last Updated: January 20, 2021


Bracco Imaging S.p.A. is one of the world’s leading companies in the diagnostic imaging business. It operates in more than 100 different countries, both directly and indirectly, through subsidiaries/branches, joint ventures, licensing agreements and distribution agreements. This website contains information directly relating to Bracco Imaging S.p.A. and additional information about the other Bracco Group companies.

The scope of this Policy is to describe how this website operates in terms of processing the personal data of users/visitors that consult it.
In line with applicable privacy protection legislation, Bracco Imaging S.p.A. intends to guarantee the privacy and personal data security of each visitor, also in relation to accesses made from abroad, in accordance with the terms of this policy and the Data Protection Policy adopted by the Group. Unless otherwise specified, this Policy is also intended as an information notice for those interacting with the content offered by the website.

Detailed information notices on personal data processing are provided, where necessary, on the pages relating to the individual content available. These information notices are aimed at defining limits on and the methods of data processing for the website content, on the basis of which the visitor may freely give their consent and, possibly, authorize the gathering of data and its subsequent utilization.

We note that this Privacy Policy does not cover other websites that may be consulted by the user by Internet links.


The Data Controller is Bracco Imaging S.p.A., a company with its registered office in Via Egidio Folli, 50 – 20134 Milan (Italy).

Personal data may be processed by internal and external persons appointed as Data Processors and by Persons in charge of processing for the content requested.

More detailed information on the names of internal and external Data Processors may be obtained by writing to the Data Controller at the following address: Bracco Imaging S.p.A. – Counselor with power of attorney for personal data protection – Via Egidio Folli, 50 – 20134 Milan (IT).


This website offers informative and interactive content. During navigation of the site, information about the visitor may be acquired, as follows:

  • Navigation data
    In the course of their normal operations, the information systems and software procedures used to make this site function acquire certain personal data whose transmission is implicit when using Internet communication protocols. Such data includes: IP addresses, the type of browser used, the operating system, the domain name and the address of websites from/to which access/exit was made, information about the pages visited by users within the site, the time of access, how long was spent on each page, an analysis of the internal path and other parameters relating to the operating system and IT environment of the user. Such technical/IT data is gathered and utilized exclusively on an aggregate and anonymous basis and may be utilized to determine responsibility in case of alleged IT/electronic offenses causing damage to the site.
  • Data provided voluntarily by the visitor
    Data provided voluntarily and freely by the visitor on the site in order to access and/or request website content. In all cases, before proceeding to access content, an appropriate information notice will be provided and, where necessary, consent to personal data processing acquired using the opt-in and/or opt out techniques provided for by applicable privacy legislation. Freely given consent may be withdrawn at any time though it will no longer be possible to access the content in question.


Personal data processing takes place mainly utilizing procedures and electronic support for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data was collected and, in any case, in compliance with applicable regulatory/legislative requirements.


Cookies are information packages sent by a web server (e.g. the site) to the user’s Internet browser, automatically saved by the browser on the computer and automatically sent back to the server on every subsequent visit to the site. The default settings of almost all web browsers will automatically accept cookies. The website does not use cookies to send personal information. The use of session cookies (that are not memorized on a lasting basis on the user’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identification data needed to enable the site to be explored securely and efficiently. The session cookies used on this site avoid using other information techniques that could potentially put at risk the confidentiality of user browsing. Also, they do not permit the acquisition of the user’s personal identification data. This site also uses persistent cookies i.e. cookies that are memorized on the hard disk of the computer until they expire or are deleted by the user/visitor. Deletion of these cookies does not preclude use of the sites and/or applications indicated above.

Persistent cookies make it possible automatically to recognize users/visitors to the site (or other users making use of the same computer) every time the visit the site. Users/Visitors can set the browser on their computer to accept/refuse all cookies or to show a warning every time a cookie attempts to download, in order to decide whether to accept it or not. The user can adjust the pre-set configuration and cookies can be disabled (i.e. blocked once and for all) by selecting the highest level of protection.

For all other information about the characteristics, type, methods of use and possibility of removal, deletion and disabling of cookies/JavaScript present on the website, reference should be made to the specific section “10. Cookie Policy“.


The site may utilize social plug-ins. Social Plug-ins are special tools that make it possible to incorporate Social Network functions directly within the website (e.g. the “Like” function on Facebook).

All the social plug-ins presented on the site are indicated by the respective social network logo.

When a user visits a page on our site and interacts with a plug-in (e.g. by clicking the “Like” button) or decides to leave a comment, the corresponding information is sent by the browser directly to the social network platform (in this case, Facebook) and memorized by it.

For information on the purpose, type and method of personal data collection, processing, utilization and storage by the social network platform and for details of how to exercise your rights, please consult the privacy policy of the social network. At this moment, no social plug-ins are present within this website.


From our website, links can be used to go to other websites. You may also be directed to our web site by third parties. This second option is possible, in particular, with reference to the “DocCheck” web platform (

DocCheck is a platform dedicated to the provision of services for professionals working in the medical sector and can be used to access the Internet sites of pharmaceutical companies and medical publishing houses which are reserved for a limited group of experts. It can also be used to carry out searches, study or train online and exchange information with other colleagues.

Access to the above services is protected by an identification and authentication system (user ID + password) managed directly by DocCheck.

Given the above, Bracco Imaging S.p.A. invites you to pay the utmost attention to managing the authentication credentials issued to you by DocCheck and, more generally, when communicating your personal data because DocCheck is neither owned by the Data Controller nor does it operate under the responsibility of the Data Controller. Rather it is wholly managed by other companies and/or organizations. You must, therefore, read and, hopefully, accept the relevant policies on privacy protection.

The Data Controller Bracco Imaging S.p.A. declines all responsibility for any requests for and/or granting of personal data to third party websites and in relation to management of the authentication credentials issued by third party entities.


“Data subjects” ( i.e. the persons/subjects to whom the personal data processed via this website relates) have the right to exercise their rights in the manner and subject to the limits provided by the privacy legislation applicable, as indicated under point 1. above.

In order to exercise those rights, obtain an up-to-date list of Data Processors (where designated) report any problems or request clarification about the processing of your personal data, please send your requests in writing to the Data Controller, specifying the nature of the request, to the following address: Bracco Imaging S.p.A. – Counselor with power of attorney for personal data protection – Via Egidio Folli, 50 – 20134 Milan (IT).


This Policy regulates the methods of processing personal data supplied by visitors when navigating the website. The introduction of any new regulations in the sector, like the constant review and updating of content, may result in the need to change these methods. It is, therefore, possible that our policy will be amended over time and, therefore, we invite visitors to consult this page periodically. This Privacy Policy is updated as of June 2016.



The specific objective of this Cookie Policy is to illustrate the types of cookies on the website, the ways in which they are used, and to provide information on how to refuse and delete them, if so desired.

Further information on our policy on the use of cookies can be found in Section 5 of Privacy Policy.


The following table lists all cookie present on Bracco websites.

Cookie or codeTypeWebsiteCompany HolderExpiration dateDescription
has_jsTechnical Cookie.imaging.bracco.comBracco Imaging SpaEnd of browser sessionThe function of the cookie is to inform the content mangement system whether you have javascript enabled in your browser settings. It used to manage multiple http requests.
Technical Cookie.imaging.bracco.comBracco Imaging SpaEnd of browser sessionThis cookie allows website browsing according to the country selected by the user.
Technical Cookie.imaging.bracco.comBracco Imaging spa2 monthsThis cookie allows the browsing of the website based on the Country selected by the user.
Technical Cookie.imaging.bracco.comBracco Imaging Spa1 dayThis cookie is placed on the prehome of the website. This cookie is used to manage the browsing of the website.
destinationPageTechnical Cookie.imaging.bracco.comBracco Imaging Spa24 hoursThis cookie is used to manage the browsing of the website.
destinationLanguageTechnical Cookie.imaging.bracco.comBracco Imaging Spa24 hoursThis cookie is used to manage the browsing of the website.
BraccoDocCheckTechnical Cookieimaging.bracco.comBracco Imaging Spa2 monthsThis cookie is used to manage authentication into a private area of the website.
PHPSESSIDThird party cookie.login.doccheck.comBracco Imaging SpaEnd of browser sessionThis cookie is used to manage authentication into a private area of the website.
doccheck_scu_dataThird party cookie.doccheck.comBracco Imaging Spa1 yearThis cookie is used to manage authentication into a private area of the website.
doccheck_user_idThird party cookie.doccheck.comBracco Imaging SpaEnd of browser sessionThis cookie is used to manage authentication into a private area of the website.
_gaTechnical Cookie/ Third Party b Cookie.imaging.bracco.comGoogle/ Bracco Imaging Spa2 yearsThis cookie is related to the web analysis service, supplied by Google Inc., and is used to distinguish users and to obtain aggregated statistical information of use in evaluating web site utilization and the activities carried out by the visitor.
The cookie collects the following information:
– Pages viewed.
– The language settings in the users’ browsers.
– The Country from which the session is originated.
– Type of visitors (new/returning).
– Frequency.
– Page Timings
– The browser and OS used by visitors
– Referral
– Key words used for campaigns, ect.
Further information on privacy management and/or on how to refuse or delete this type of cookie is available at the following:


Bracco uses (or can use) Adobe Flash Player technology to provide multimedia contents; on most personal computers this software is installed by default.

If any of this content is used, Google Analytics stores additional data on the computer, known as Flash cookies (or Local Share Objects), through which the Data Controller can determine the number of times an audio/video file has been opened, the number of users who used it to its natural ending and, conversely, how many users closed it before the end. Adobe’s website provides information on how to remove or disable Flash cookies for a specific domain such as Bracco (please see the following URL

Please keep in mind that limiting the use of and/or eliminating these cookies can limit the available functions for Flash-based applications.


a) Chrome

  1. Click the Chrome menu icon.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Near the bottom of the page, click Advanced.
  4. In the “Privacy” section, click Content settings.
  5. Enable or disable cookies:
    • To enable cookies, switch the first flag to Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended).
    • To disable cookies, switch the first flag to Blocked.

For more details, visit the web site.

b) Mozilla Firefox

  1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button and then select Options. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu and then select Options. On the menu bar, click on the Firefox menu and select Preferences. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Edit menu and select Preferences. Click the menu button and choose Options. Preferences.
  2. Select the Privacy panel.
  3. Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history.
  4. Check mark Accept cookies from sites to enable Cookies, and uncheck it to disable them.
    • If you are troubleshooting problems with cookies, make sure Accept third party cookies is also check marked. For more information, see Disable third-party cookies in Firefox to stop some types of tracking by advertisers.
  5. Choose how long cookies are allowed to be stored:
    • Keep until: they expire: Each cookie will be removed when it reaches its expiration date, which is set by the site that sent the cookie.
    • Keep until: I close Firefox: The cookies that are stored on your computer will be removed when Firefox is closed.
    • Keep until: ask me every time: Displays an alert every time a website tries to send a cookie, and asks you whether or not you want to store it.
  6. Click OK to close the Options window. Click Close to close the Preferences window. Close the Preferences window.

For more details, visit the web site.

c) Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button and then clicking Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
  3. Click the Privacy tab, and then, under Settings, move the slider to the top to block all cookies or to the bottom to allow all cookies, and then click OK.

For more details, visit the web site.

d) Safari

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Choose Safari > Preferences, and then click Privacy.
  3. In the “Block cookies” section, specify whether Safari should accept cookies from websites, and when.
  4. To see an explanation of the options, click the Help button (looks like a question mark).
  5. If you want to see which websites store cookies on your computer, click Details

For more details, visit the web site.

e) Safari iOS (mobile)

  1. Open Safari iOS8
  2. Tap Settings > Safari > Block Cookies
  3. Choose “Always Allow,” “Allow from websites I visit”, “Allow from Current Websites Only”, or “Always Block” (In iOS 7 or earlier, choose “Never”, “From third parties and advertisers”, or “Always”)
  4. To clear history and cookies from Safari in iOS 8, tap Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data. In iOS 7 or earlier, tap Clear History and tap Clear Cookies and Data

For more details, visit the web site.

f) Opera

  1. Open Browser Opera
  2. Delete cookies
    • select Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies
    • check “Delete new cookies when exiting Opera”
    • close Opera when you have finished browsing
  3. Enable or disable cookies
    • select Settings > Quick Preferences
    • uncheck “Enable Cookies”.

For more details, visit the web site.

California Consumer Privacy Act Rights
This notice for California residents supplements the information contained in our Privacy Policy and applies solely to residents of the State of California. We have provided this supplemental information pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) and any terms defined in the CCPA have the same meaning when used here. Under the CCPA, you have certain rights in relation to some of your personal data, including the right to certain disclosures and explanations of rights. This section explains your rights under California law.

Categories of Personal Information We Collect
Bracco Imaging S.p.A. collects information that identifies, relates to, describes, references, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular California consumer or household (“personal information”). We may have collected the following categories of personal information from consumers through our websites, apps, services, devices, or other services within the twelve (12) months preceding the Effective Date of this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information Category

  • Identifiers such as
    • Name
    • Address
    • Unique personal identifier (e.g., device ID, online identifier)
    • Internet Protocol address
    • Email address
    • Account name
    • Social security number
    • Driver’s license number, or
    • Other similar identifiers
  • Characteristics of protected classifications under California/federal law (e.g., age, race, sex, medical condition, etc.)
  • Medical information
  • Health insurance information
  • Financial information, including credit card numbers
  • Biometric information (e.g., imagery of the iris, retina, fingerprint, face, or other data that contain identifying information)
  • Commercial information (e.g., purchase history)
  • Internet or other electronic network activity information (e.g., browsing history, interaction with our website, etc.)
  • Geolocation data
  • Audio, electronic, visual, thermal, olfactory, or similar information (e.g., call recordings)
  • Professional, employment-related, or other similar informatio

“Personal information” under the CCPA does not include information that is

  • publicly available from government records,
  • de-identified or aggregated consumer information,
  • health or medical information covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the California Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (SMIA) or clinical trial, or
  • certain personal or financial information covered under certain sector-specific privacy laws.

Categories of Sources of Personal Information
We obtain the categories of personal information listed above from the following categories of sources:

  • Directly from consumers’ interactions with us, including with our devices, applications, websites, services, and representatives
  • Publicly available sources
  • Customers, including health care providers and insurance providers
  • Organizations with whom we partner to provide services to consumer

Use or Disclosure of Personal Information
In the past 12 months, we have used or disclosed the personal information we collect for our operational purposes and for one or more of the following business purposes:

  • Collect postal addresses and email addresses in order to deliver information and products via mail.
  • To answer your requests.
  • To negotiate or conclude a contract with you or about you.
  • To contact you by mail (or other means with your permission) to provide you with information that may be of interest to you, including information about clinical trials, our products and services or the products and services of others.
  • For analytical purposes and to study, develop and improve programs, products, treatments, services and content.
  • To delete information that identifies you (your name, email address, social security number, etc.). In this case, you are no longer identified as an individual. Once we have de-identified information, it becomes non-personal information that is no longer subject to these privacy principles.
  • To personalize your access to our sites, for example, by informing you of any news that may interest you.
  • To enforce these privacy principles and to protect our rights or property.
  • To protect your vital interests or the health, safety or well-being of someone else.
  • To comply with any law or regulation, court order or other legal obligation.
  • For our other legitimate interests unless such treatment is prejudicial to your rights or your liberties.
  • In any other way with your consent.

How We Share Personal Information
Bracco Imaging S.p.A. will not share consumers’ personal information with an unrelated third party without permission, except as described below. Bracco Imaging S.p.A. may share personal information with any member of our corporate group, including parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates, and other companies in which we have an ownership or economic interest for purposes that are consistent with those identified in our Privacy Policy and this Supplemental California Privacy Notice.

In the ordinary course of business, we will share some personal information with companies that we hire to perform services or functions on our behalf. In all cases in which we share consumers’ personal information with a third party, we will only allow them to keep, disclose, or use consumers’ information to provide the services we asked them to provide.

We may be required to release consumers’ personal information in response to a court order, subpoena, search warrant, law, or regulation. We may cooperate with law enforcement authorities in investigating and prosecuting users who violate our rules or engage in behavior which is harmful to other users or illegal. In addition, we may keep, disclose, and use consumers’ personal information in order to comply with U.S. FDA and other governmental guidance, directions, regulations, and laws.

Categories of Personal Information We Sell
We do not sell personal information of California consumers except as part of a sale, merger, dissolution, or acquisition of the business.
This does not include disclosures that are not a “sale” under the CCPA, including when

  • consumers instruct us to disclose their personal information,
  • a consumer instructs us to interact with a third party that does not sell that information,
  • we use or share consumers’ personal information pursuant to a written contract with a service provider that is necessary to perform a business purpose, where our contract prevents the provider from using, keeping, or disclosing consumers’ personal information for any purpose other than the reason supplied in the contract, or
  • consumers’ personal information is transferred as part of a transaction in which the third party assumes control of all or part of our business.

Rights Under California Law
Subject to legal limitations, if you are a resident of California, you may have the right to make the following choices regarding your personal information:

  • Access to Your Personal Information. You may request access to your personal information by contacting us as described below. If required by law, upon request, we will grant you reasonable access to the personal information that we have about you. You may be entitled to ask us for a notice describing what categories of personal information (if any) we share with third parties or affiliates for direct marketing.
  • Changes to Your Personal Information. You may have a right to modify your personal information. You may contact us as described below in order to request that your information by modified. Note that we may keep historical information in our backup files as permitted by law.
  • Deletion of Your Personal Information. You may request that we delete your personal information by contacting us as described below. If required by law, we will grant a request to delete information, but you should note that in many situations we must keep your personal information to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, enforce our agreements, or for another one of our business purposes.
  • Objection to Certain Processing. You may object to our use or disclosure of your personal information by contacting us as described below.
  • Promotional Emails. You may choose to provide us with your email address for the purpose of allowing us to send communications and promotional materials to you. You can stop receiving most emails by following the unsubscribe instructions in emails that you receive. If you decide not to receive these emails, we may still send you service-related communications.
  • Revocation of Consent. If you revoke your consent for the processing of personal information, then we may no longer be able to provide you services. In some cases, we may limit or deny your request to revoke consent if the law permits or requires us to do so, or if we are unable to adequately verify your identity. You may revoke consent to processing (where such processing is based upon consent) by contacting us at the address described below.

Note that, as required by law, we will require you to prove your identity. We may verify your identity by telephone call or email. Depending on your request, we will ask for information such as your name, your physical address, or the name of our clinical trial in which you participated. We may also ask you to provide a signed declaration confirming your identity. Following a request, we will use reasonable efforts to supply, correct or delete personal information about you in our files.

In some circumstances, you may designate an authorized agent to submit requests to exercise certain privacy rights on your behalf. We will require verification that you provided the authorized agent permission to make a request on your behalf. You must provide us with a copy of the signed permission you have given to the authorized agent to submit the request on your behalf and verify your own identity directly with us. If you are an authorized agent submitting a request on behalf of an individual you must attach a copy of the following information to the request:

  1. A completed Authorized Agent Designation Form indicating that you have authorization to act on the consumer’s behalf.
  2. If you are a business, proof that you are registered with the Secretary of State to conduct business in California.

If we do not receive both pieces of information, the request will be denied.

Requests to exercise your rights must be sent to or made via telephone by calling 609-514-2203.

Other Important Information
The following additional information relates to our privacy practices:

  • Minors. Our websites are not for individuals under age 13. Those individuals should not access a website or provide personal information to us.
  • Third-Party Applications/Websites. We have no control over the privacy practices of websites or applications that we do not own.
  • Changes to This Policy. We may change our Policy and practices over time. To the extent that our Policy changes in a material way, the version of the Policy that was in place at the time that you submitted personal information to us will generally govern that information. Our Privacy Policy includes an “effective date” and a “last updated” date. The “effective date” refers to the date that the current version took effect. The “last updated” date refers to the date that the current version was last substantively modified.
  • Accessibility. If you are visually impaired, you may access this notice through your browser’s audio reader.
  • Information for California Residents. California law indicates that organizations should disclose whether certain categories of information are collected, “sold” or transferred for an organization’s “business purpose” (as those terms are defined under California law). You can find a list of the categories of information that we collect and share below. Please note that because this list is comprehensive it may refer to types of information that we share about people other than yourself. If you would like more information concerning the categories of personal information (if any) we share with third parties or affiliates for those parties to use for direct marketing please submit a written request to or call 609-514-2203. We do not discriminate against California residents who exercise any of their rights described in this Privacy Policy.
  • California “Do Not Track” Disclosures. California law requires that Bracco Imaging S.p.A. to let you know how we respond to web browser “Do Not Track (DNT) signals”. Because there currently is not an industry or legal standard for recognizing or honoring DNT signals, we do not honor Do Not Track requests at this time.

Nevada Residents as Covered by Nevada Privacy Law
We do not sell Covered Information as defined under Nevada law. If you would like to make a further inquiry regarding the selling of your Covered Information, as defined under Nevada law, please contact or call 609-514-2203.

Texas Residents
Pursuant to the Texas Health and Safety Code, Sec. 181.154, please be advised that if we receive any data that identifies you and relates to your past, present or future physical or mental health, healthcare or payment for your healthcare, such data may be subject to electronic disclosure by such means as file transfers or email.

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By proceeding, we shall assume your consent to our Privacy Policy.


All materials provided in this repository are for informational purposes only and are intended for healthcare professionals in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2017/745, Annex 1, Article 23.